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“Light Language speaks the connective language of the heart rather than the known language of the mind.” - Jamye Price

Beyond sounds, Light Language.

Have you ever heard of Light Language? It's a unique form of communication that operates on a higher frequency than traditional languages. It's like a special code that connects with your body's own vibration frequencies, energy body, heart centre and DNA. 


People believe that Light Language is a form of communication from 5th and higher dimensions that helps individuals to let go of old patterns and ascend towards raising consciousness. It's a way to communicate with and through your Higher Self and it's tailored to the individual, helping them to release blockages, promote alignment with their highest good, and stimulate healing and evolution on all levels of their being. 


Although Light Language may sound strange at first, it's actually a beautiful and profound energy that can activate certain areas of your being, propelling you towards growth and transformation. Even though you might not be able to understand the exact words or sounds being channeled, you'll feel a sense of belonging, warmth and familiarity that extends beyond the physical limitations of this Earthly dimension. 


In essence, Light Language is a way to connect with the infinite and multidimensional aspects of yourself. It's a reminder that reality is not just a three-dimensional construct, but something much more vast and expansive. If you're open to it, Light Language can help you to attune yourself to higher frequencies and activate light codes that can be used for healing on all levels of existence, across time and space.

Light Language Benefits

Physical Level

Better sleep, vivid dreams, increased energy, improved digestion, detoxification, pain relief, healing of chronic or acute ailments, increased physical capability of integrating higher vibrational frequencies, assistance with physical ascension symptoms, and more.

Emotional Level

Reduced depression and anxiety, emotional release, greater happiness and joy, a general feeling of wellness and lightness, increased resilience in stressful situations, better ability to process emotions, increased emotional awareness, and more.

Spiritual Level

Greater awareness and focus of spiritual mission, connection to spirit guides, clearing and balancing of energies, attunements to higher consciousness, alignment of the chakras, stronger connection to the higher self and soul, upgrades in consciousness, grounding and integrating higher vibrational energies, and more.

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